SeniorsDANCE started in 2011. It is managed  by Susan Jordan, and taught by professional dance teachers.


  • is an enjoyable way to stay active using easy to learn movement based on contemporary dance
  • it builds balance and coordination, keeps joints mobile and strengthens muscle and addresses physical, mental and social wellbeing.

Each class starts with exercises on chairs and includes creative movement and choreographed dances using a variety of music.


 Susan Jordan’s dance career spans five decades as performer, choreographer, academic, teacher, writer and arts manager.  With Jordan & Present Co she choreographed 12 major works funded by Creative NZ and many commissions. She founded Dance Studies at University of Auckland and established the DANZ (Dance Aotearoa New Zealand) Tamaki office.  Her current focus is teaching SeniorsDANCE and choreographing for the SeniorsDANCE Company but she is also re-establishing herself as the choreographer and artistic director of Jordan & Present Co. Jordan has an MA in dance from American University DC and is an elder of the New Zealand dance community.


Sue MacRae is delighted to be a teacher supporting the philosophy of SeniorsDANCE. Following her career as a dancer with the Royal New Zealand Ballet, Sue established her own dance school and choreographed numerous community events. Her strong interest in children and education motivated her to become a primary school teacher with a focus on dance in education. Sue has a Masters of Creative and Performing Arts (Dance) and now, as a retiree, she is very enthusiastic about supporting and encouraging seniors to enjoy the opportunity to enhance their lives through dance.



“SeniorsDANCE contributes to my physical and mental wellbeing.   It is an enjoyable way for me to keep fit and it allows me to tap into my own creativity.”  Jocelyn




“I came to SeniorsDANCE to get more flexibility, but have also enjoyed the fun  and companionship, moving to a variety of music, and the creativity. I was concerned that I had no previous dance experience except for some folk dancing, but have felt welcome and accepted as part of the group. I am enjoying the challenge of learning and creating new dances.  It all keeps my mind and body active.” Dick



“I really enjoy being part of the SeniorsDANCE. Working together with like-minded people and an excellent teacher to create dance has made me more aware of my body and improved my fitness both physically and mentally.” Liz



“We thoroughly enjoy our SeniorsDANCE sessions. We do exercises for the whole body and feel really good at the end of a session. The brain gym exercises are great fun. Susan makes each session interesting by changing the exercises each week throughout the year.” Gillian and Eddy




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